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Kyempapu is grateful for the support of its various partner organizations and the help of individual donors. To partner with Kyempapu or if you are interested in helping the program in some way, please contact Sylvia Namukasa at 

 World Student Environment Network

Baltimore ASPnet School, Maryland USA

Conservation Efforts for Community Development Uganda


ENO: Environment Online  ENO is a virtual school and network for sustainable development. The organization awarded KYEMPAPU with the Environment Award at the Act Now Forest Conference in Finland.
Lapaco has donated soccer balls and other materials to Kyempapu.


RainCatcher Uganda
RainCatcher donated water collection tanks, giving eleven schools access to clean drinking water.


One thought on “Partners

  1. Thank God !!!, The project ‘s work is good because all along we have been facing the effects of environmental pollution from different Conner with out solution, since this project came in to deal with environmental related issues, improving livelihood condition , conservation effort for community development seems God answered our questions, i liked the project as an environmental activism who is pending to graduate in January 2013 with a Degree in environmental management from Makerere University, and i liked to join the project for sustainable management

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